Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Nose You Could Hang a Raincoat From

Just a quick post today to share a picture of a little fellow who made me smile when I saw him in a bathroom stall.

I'll call him Pinocchio!

Also, check out the latest additions to The Bozo List. (Click the tab above.)

10 November Edit:

Check this out, folks. I shot that picture yesterday, published it here this morning, and tonight saw a remarkably similar one, posted by my friend on Facebook:

What is it with all these silly coat hooks, and how many more of them will surface?


  1. Thank you for picking something innocuous to photograph while in the bathroom.
    Next time, you should bring some colored markers with you to give the little guy a little more life...

  2. If Home Depot had their own police, these would be the mug shots on the "most wanted" wall. (Also, I sort of want to find a drunk octopus and glue googly eyes on it...)