Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm Like Ernie's Uncle Sid

In my last post, I put up a few pictures of myself and my daughters. Before doing so, I did not look at them very closely. Just got them off the camera, quickly cropped out the background clutter, and threw them out for the world to enjoy.

I've since gone back and taken a closer look, and it occurred to me that
   I've become Sid Fernwilter.

My hair isn't quite as thin in front or as long in back, but with my cheesy almost-mustache, gut that sticks out past my chest, and goofy smile, there's a real resemblance.

For those unfamiliar with Bud Grace's Ernie/The Piranha Club comic strip, Sid is a greedy swindler, always seen wearing a blue polyester suit. So that's where the similarities end--I prefer greens and khakis, and given a choice, I will always go with flannel.

This is the kind of stuff that inspires cartoonists.


  1. Wait a minute - so is Sid the Octo-mom?
    If so, my conceptions of anatomy are terribly terribly wrong.

    Do have to agree with you though, I'm most comfortable in a pair of jeans and a cotton or flannel shirt.

  2. Guaop, I never said this blog will make sense.

    Sometimes I don't even understand it.