Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm Like the Octomom

Check out the tab right above here called “Ask Me Anything.” That page is now all set up! I know, you were on the edge of your seat waiting for it, right?

If blog pages were babies, I’d be that lady in California who gave birth to a whole litter a few years ago.

Please check out “Ask Me Anything,” and I’ll keep making more pages until my womb is empty. (I'm trying to keep up with El Guapo, and that dude has pages for everything! Surfboard and guitar pictures, music, adminisilliness... he's got it all covered. He even has a page about my Bozo List page; how am I supposed to compete with that?)

By the way, if you have something to ask on "Ask Me Anything," you'll have to post it in a comment or email it to me. Unsure how to do these things? You can ask about that too, and I'll gladly walk you through it.


  1. First the booty call from your sister-in-law, now you're the octo-mom.
    Disturbing. But very entertaining.

  2. Thanks, Guapo. Sometimes I even disturb myself.