Saturday, September 3, 2011

St. John's Revelations Do Not Mention KOAs or S'mores

Earlier this year, we bought a folding camp trailer. It looks like this:

Not our trailer, but a stock image of one like it

As soon as we got it home, we set it up to show our kids. They loved it and got very excited about camping. Then Caleb, who was three years old at the time, said (and this is an exact quote), “We can hide in there when Jesus pops out of the cloud!” I won’t even try to list everything that’s wrong with this plan. I just want the record to show that we’ve always tried to teach our kids correct gospel doctrine. We’ll keep working with Caleb. This is the same kid who once described Jesus as “the most powerful superhero ever.” I guess he’s right in a way.

Here’s the whole gang camping last year with a tent, which provided much less protection from End of Days calamities and divine judgment.

This is Caleb dressed in a superhero disguise of his own design. He loves to be super and has defeated countless imaginary evil geniuses. 

We've been talking about what will happen when he starts kindergarten next year. Celeste already has a monologue prepared for his teacher, and it starts with, "You're going to hear a lot of things..."


  1. Sounds familiar, except my mom didn't have a speech prepared. Instead, my kindergarten teacher pulled my mom aside the first day and said, "Mrs. Linder - we need to talk . . ."

  2. She got the "We need to talk" talk after the first day of kindergarten? Nicely done! Do you remember what you said/did?

  3. Apparently at that time in California, buildings were designed with poles supporting the ceiling. As an avid climber even way back then, I apparently scaled one of those poles, and proceeded to taunt the teacher for quite awhile - much to the delight of my classmates. Also, I believe there was an incident with a pound or so of paste (I remember it's minty taste to this day)

  4. (that - and many other incidents - led to me being put on this experimental drug they were testing. Ritalin. Explains a lot, doesn't it?)

  5. Wayne, about the paste--so you were THAT kid, eh?
    About the Ritalin--yes, that makes sense.