Saturday, September 24, 2011

Some Wacky Diversions

If you are reading this, you're one of the lucky few who survived the space junk bombardment and you must now help rebuild the human race in a post-apocalyptic wasteland... But first, let me share a few things that have entertained me lately. (When I say entertained I mean "distracted me from doing something productive.")


Ever heard of chap-hop? It's rap music performed by pompous English gentlemen. Seriously. I was introduced to it a few months ago by a Wired magazine article, which you can read here if you wish:

There's been an active rivalry between the genre's two prominent (perhaps only?) artists, Professor Elemental, and Mr.  B, The Gentleman Rhymer. But unlike the west coast vs. east coast rappers here in the colonies, these fellows don't go after each other with drive-by shootings. They're more inclined to cast scathing insults back and forth, calling each other scoundrels or frightful bores, or my favorite: declaring, "I don't like your tweed, sir!" Following are a few representative samples of their work.

Professor Elemental's "Fighting Trousers," with a message for his chap-hop rival:

Mr. B's "Chap-hop History," in which he gives his little banjolele quite a workout:

I have to be in the right mood to enjoy this hybrid of urban American musical styles and urbane British sensibilities, but it’s growing on me. I've even begun to swap catch phrases like "Fetch me my trousers at once!" with a friend at work. I have a vague theory I could share on this music's appeal, but that will have to wait for another time.


I read quite a few blogs, though not many serious ones. A favorite that is far from serious but very intelligent is called "Hyperbole and a Half." Check it out when you're ready to smile at least, maybe laugh out loud, and be amazed at what a very creative Idahoan named Allie Brosh can do with Microsoft Paint.

If you read Hyperbole and a Half and love it, I think you and I could be best friends. If you just don't get it, that's okay, but we will probably not get along. If you don't find it funny, there might be something wrong with you, and you should seek professional help.

Also, check out a video interview with Allie, giving some insight into her genius.

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