Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cash Money: Almost as Good as a Credit Card

I reckon it's time for another installment of the recurring feature I call...

"The Stupidest Thing I Saw (or heard) Today" 

You say you don't recall this feature of my blog? That's probably because by recurring, I mean I've done it once before. This post makes its recurrence official.

Today I went to a bank. While I stood at the counter doing all my transactions, I could overhear parts of another teller's conversation with someone in the drive-up. This other teller was probably new on the job. She was pretty young. Based on what I heard, I think she had worked at that location for about three hours, and amassed a total of about three hours' banking experience. Hopefully she made it to the end of the day and will be invited back tomorrow; that's a tough call, though.

She got the plastic cylinder out of the air tube and opened it, and then I heard this:

Young teller, to her supervisor: Can we accept cash for a loan payment?

Supervisor: Ah, we... er, WHAT?

Young teller: He wants to make a loan payment with cash. Is that okay?

Supervisor (very slowly and distinctly): Yes. That's fine.

Young teller: 'Kay, thanks!

I guess some banks are becoming quite liberal in the payment options they will allow. Soon, we might see supermarkets starting to accept cash, and before you know it, we'll be able to use it as legal tender for all goods and services. Crazy, huh?


  1. Please keep this feature! I rarely have cash on me. Our family went out for breakfast one morning and the place was "cash only". Problem was, we didn't see that until the bill arrived. It was awkward to explain to the waitress that we have none of this "Cash" they speak of and had to leave to find a money machine. Never went back there again!

    1. Have you seen "Coneheads" (the movie)? Beldar and Primaat are trying to check into a motel shortly after arriving on Earth. The guy asks, "Will that be cash or charge?" and Beldar is stumped. His wife saves the day, zapping the vending machine outside with electrical sparks from her head to make it cough up all its change, which she then dumps on the counter, saying, "We shall remunerate with metallic tender discs."

      I don't know if anyone still accepts those.