Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence for President of the World!

Just a little something to share with you tonight, because I love it...

Photo courtesy of, um, some website Google found for me.

It seems whenever Jennifer Lawrence (who has a serious shot at dethroning Zooey Deschanel as Queen of Quirk) tries to do glamorous, she comes across as goofy, hilarious... and so CUTE!

I was delighted to stumble onto this story today, because 1) Just look at how funny J-Law is, as usual, and 2) She did this to the grossly over-rated Sarah Jessica Parker. Sarah, you might as well face the fact that you've just been owned. By Katniss Everdeen. (Might be time to throw in the towel.)

Sarah showed up wearing a hat that's ridiculous even by Hollyweird standards and what looks like a gown made of gold foil. From where I sit, she was asking for it!

I stared at my screen, watching the GIF play about 300 times, and could do so all night. Jennifer, you have both hypnotized me and restored my faith in humanity. You're my hero.


  1. Wasn't the thing at the Met about Punk and Fashion?
    Not sure what SJPs headpiece has to do with it, but if a photobomb ain't punk...

    1. Yeah, apparently it was a punk theme. The hat was supposed to look like a mohawk.

      I know this: J-Law is totally invited to my next birthday party. I hope she pops in exactly the same way as in this GIF, yelling a big "Ta-Daaa!"