Sunday, May 12, 2013

Better Check the Telephone Wires

Hey, folks. Real quick, I just want to share something I call long run-on sentence to introduce a little news story I encountered this week that isn't very important or even interesting, but it's kind of funny when you follow it with a caption I came up with, and even though I try to keep the political stuff off my blog because I feel there are other places for those discussions and I want Unintimidated to just be kind of fun and silly, I'll allow this because, like I said, I thought of a great comment, and most of you will get it, assuming you are familiar with childish rhymes:

I wonder if it was someone's pants.


  1. And the best part is, that caption can be used for fire scares no matter who the occupant is...

    Great caption!

    1. No matter whose administration is in charge, when there's a fire at pretty much any building in D.C., pants is the first thing I suspect. Another report of this incident said it happened in the White House Press Office. Imagine the unthinkable notion that someone there lied!

    2. Ha! The reason it would be unthinkable is that by now, that reaction is jsut reflex.