Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Habemus Blogum

A few little things to point out for you today...

I've been updating some of the other pages here at U by C. See those links near the top of this window? If you click on them, there's more stuff for you to read or look at. (Just in case you're interested.)

. . .

I've had this El Guapo guy in my blog roll for about as long as it's existed, but I want to give him special mention right now, because he's been up to some great stuff over at Guapola. He is a smart, funny, creative, haiku- and limerick-writing, surfboard and guitar collecting, cool blog-having guy from New York, married to a lady named Tmwgitu. And he likes to cook. What's more, he gives music recommendations in every post, and he's not afraid to admit he likes ABBA, or to point out flaws in even the greatest artists of our time. (See his recent comments on Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, for example.) For these reasons, he gets the Unintimidated Seal of Approval, which we don't just hand out to everyone.

Guap, I'll get that seal on its way to you. Do you still have my address, to send the check?

. . .

To round out tonight's updates, I guess it's time for another installment of Stuff George Carlin Said. How about this one:

"No one ever says 'half a week,' although obviously there is such a thing. As in, 'I'll be back in a week and a half.'"

As usual, he's right. What I wonder is who decides this stuff. You can buy half a tank of gas, eat half an apple, drive halfway across Texas, and spend half of your life trying to get Veronica Spillsbury to notice you. You can even go half crazy when she runs off with some other guy, you realize there's still 12 hours of Texas ahead of you, you see half a worm in the remaining apple, or you find you've just spent half of an entire month's budget on 7 gallons of unleaded. But you never do something for half a week, or half a year, do you? Language is a curious thing.

This picture has nothing to do with today's post.
I just thought the blog could use a splash of color.


  1. I thought I was paying you in cheeseburgers?

    I'm pretty sure that ABBA thing is going to follow me to my grave. One unthinking post and I'm marked for life...

    Carlin at his best was fall-down funny. At his worst, he was still fall down funny, but very very angry.

    1. The reason I like GC so much: on the surface, he seems like a funny, sometimes angry, often vulgar commedian, but he's also very intelligent. He often makes me think. Lots of things make me laugh, and lots make me think. When someone can make me do both at the same time, I'm listening.

  2. Another one is "chalant". People are nonchalant all the time, but I want to see someone being very chalant sometime.

  3. You're right, Jill. And how about your state of gruntleness? You can be disgruntled, but not gruntled.