Saturday, October 1, 2011

Working Together, We Turn Nice Things Into Nightmares

My daughters like to make cards, and they've come up with some pretty good ones. I expect Hallmark to call any day with job offers.

I recently found this one, which was not homemade, but enhanced by us:

Artwork © Dianna Marcum; Card © New Seasons.

As you can see, there's a nice little drawing of a bear on the front.

When you open it, the bear pops up inside, and one of my girls (I'm not sure which one, but I have a pretty good guess) wrote a caption:

"A bear is hungry for something else but all he has is apples."

I thought this was cute and rather fitting. I mean, just look at the expression on his face. What else could it mean?

Never one to leave stuff alone, I felt it needed just a little something to be complete.

So I added a few words of my own:

There! Much better.

I could have also put something about the giant bees, which look like they're getting ready to sting somebody, but there's no need to go overboard, eh?

Maybe Hallmark won't be calling after all.


I believe in always giving credit where it's due, so I have to tell you the inspiration for this came from Jenny Lawson, a.k.a. The Bloggess, one of the funniest women I know. Check out some of her work, but be warned that she has a potty mouth, so her blog is not recommended for children or the overly sensitive:

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