Tuesday, June 4, 2013


The other day, boy genius Caleb was begging me to play a card game with him, but I had a lot of yard work, so I put him off. Don't judge me. I had already played with him for quite a while that morning. Sometimes a dad has to go out and do what needs doing.

He followed me out and set up in the driveway. Then he started the game without me, taking a toy penguin for his opponent.

"Oh nothing, really. Just sitting here all alone on the concrete, getting
sunburned while I party with an inanimate friend. What else is there to do?"

I can't decide if this is the saddest thing I've ever caused and I'm a shameful, horrible father, or if it's an inspiring display of independence and resourcefulness. Maybe a little of each?

And I'm not sure who won the game. If Caleb played like he does with me, he probably cheated.


  1. I LOVE this. Your commentary on this precisely reflects what I would be asking myself, but as an outsider viewer I can tell you it's not sad, but it's definitely very touching. What a sweet little, resourceful boy! Reminds me of my own.

    1. Thanks, Katia.

      Scenes like this are the reason Momma sometimes tells me we need to get another boy, about Caleb's age. I point out that they are kind of expensive. You can't exactly run to Wal-Mart and pick one up.

  2. Don't tell the penguin Caleb cheated. They have notoriously rigid moral senses.
    Especially the stuffed ones.

    1. Baloney, Guap! The penguin probably cheated too. And I'm pretty sure my daughter's teddy bear has been stealing money from me.